Kiwi Hawthorn Rugby Union Football Club is the only rugby club forged from two of the greatest powerhouses in world rugby: New Zealand and Australia. In 1923, New Zealand servicemen began the Kiwi Club – a team for Kiwi’s in Melbourne. And in the 1930s, alumni from Scotch College formed a team called Old Scotch Boys that would come to be known as Hawthorn Rugby Club. It was in 1987 that the Kiwi Club united with Hawthorn Rugby Club to become Kiwi Hawthorn Rugby Union Football Club.


Our ANZAC club is a proud celebration of both the competition and partnership that has long existed between Australia and New Zealand. Kiwi Hawthorn is one of the fastest growing clubs in Victoria, and in 2023 will be commemorating 100 years of fun, sportsmanship and great rugby. We have an honoured and successful history and we hold our values of respect, inclusion, enjoyment, community and achievement close to our hearts while we strive for victory.


With junior boy’s and girl’s, men’s, women’s and master's teams, Kiwi Hawthorn offers a Club for everyone. We warmly welcome all nationalities that make up the multicultural world rugby community. No matter what gender, age or skill level, you will find a team and a rugby home with us.


We are Kiwi Hawthorn Rugby Union Football Club - join the legacy.


John Gardiner Reserve

439 Auburn Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122